Harfield Village Association (HVA) COVID 19 Emergency Relief Plan 

Introduction: The HVA “Campaign of Goodness”

Before the dramatic unfolding of the Covid 19 crisis, the HVA took a decision at its monthly committee meeting on 3 March 2020 to engage with civic associations in Hanover Park with a view to developing a meaningful and respectful dialogue. The goal of this dialogue would be to explore ways in which to build sincere and genuine bridges and provide developmental support between the two communities, which are geographically only 10 minutes from each other but worlds apart in manner of living. The Covid 19 crisis accelerated the importance of developing this initiative with the extremely important and immediate need for food aid to some of the most at-risk and destitute families in Hanover Park. Just prior to lockdown on 24 March the HVA embarked on a passionate ‘Campaign of Goodness” to reach out to our neighbours in Hanover Park to investigate how the Harfield Village and surrounding areas  can assist and support during this crisis and going forward into the future.

Partners and Beneficiaries

The HVA engaged reputable and accountable local stakeholders to support and assist their efforts and already the impact has been considerable. The HVA has identified primary beneficiaries but also assisted other organisations which are directly impacting their communities.

- The Alcardo Andrews Foundation. Established in 2015 in honour of a young man whose aspiration was to restore Hanover Park into a safe and peaceful community, his life was tragically cut short through gang violence. The Foundation is deeply rooted in the community and run by Avril Andrews and Lesley Wyngaard, both of whom lost their sons to gang violence. The foundation has 4 main pillars: Moms Move for Justice / Youth with Purpose / Fatherhood Programme and Feeding Scheme Programme.

- The Fish Rite Hanover Park Cricket Club: Run by well-known personality Ashraf Allie. The cricket club is a registered NPO (176-964) and PBO (930058963) and focuses on youth development through a schools cricket coaching programme (currently only working in 4 schools due to lack of funds though there are 14 schools in the area). During this crisis the cricket club is being used as a distribution point for emergency food aid and is being run by staff / volunteers who are part of the club.

- Christel House School is an international non-profit organisation with a single mission: to break the cycle of poverty through education.  The organisation operates eight schools internationally (United States of America, India, Mexico and South Africa) of which the school in Cape Town, Christel House South Africa, is the only one in Africa. During the lockdown crisis the school is implementing an e-wallet payment to 166 of their most at-risk families. R500.00 supports 1 family for a week.

- Sisters in Care (Harfield Village) is a safe house in Kenilworth. Sisters Incorporated plays a critical role in protecting, supporting and empowering women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence, abuse and stigmatisation that is so prevalent and widespread in our communities. With a history spanning over 60 years in Cape Town, Sisters Incorporated has evolved from being a refuge for single mothers into a safe haven caring for women and their children from all walks of life. They provide care – free of judgement, criticism and bias – and aspire to empower those who pass through our doors, to become better equipped for their role in society.

- Philisa Abafazi Bethu, feeding scheme in Lavender Hill feeding more than 1000 children

- Wynberg Haven Night Shelter - fights to improve the quality of life for their guests, with the goal being to get them back home and functioning. Alongside food and shelter, they offer extremely necessary rehabilitation, counselling, social welfare services, family reunification services, and physical care.

- U-Turn organisation for the support of the homeless

- The campaign also includes ensuring that ALL residents in Harfield Village are also nurtured and protected, especially the elderly and vulnerable people who might require assistance.

The HVA is supporting the above-mentioned organisations primarily through food drives but also the collection of decent clothes and blankets bearing in mind the cold winter months are approaching.

The HVA is also supporting these programmes financially. After consulting with the partners and beneficiaries, The HVA compiled a list of essential foodstuff and toiletries which are purchased weekly, stored at the Rosmead Central Primary School and collected by the beneficiaries to be distributed in the communities.

Residents can support the “Campaign for Goodness” in the following ways:

1. Financially by making a payment through SnapScan or directly into the HVA bank account which money will be used for family food packs and toiletries as discussed above
2. Donate groceries at the trolleys at the entrance of Spar Rosmead and Score
3. Contact a volunteer to collect items from your house.

OR donate to our cause through the following bank details:

Use SnapScan 

Bank details are

Harfield Village Association

Standard Bank

Claremont Branch

Branch no 025109

Account: SAVINGS 07-745-577-0

Reference: Your Name and Covid19

James Fernie is  the  Chairperson of the Harfield Village Association (HVA) and the Director of Non-Profit Organisation Uthando (Love) South Africa (which is also based in Harfield Village). Uthando is also engaged in extensive emergency relief funding to community based projects which are feeding and supporting destitute communities across the Cape Town metro www.uthandosa.org

TAX DEDUCTION: Any individual or company wishing to claim a tax deduction for their contribution to the Harfield Village Association (HVA) fund, can make a donation through Uthando SA and 100 percent of the funds will be transferred from Uthando to the Harfield Village Association.

Name of Account           Uthando Social Development Projects, South Africa
Bank:                                  First National Bank
Account number             62161218542
Type of Account             Current account
PLEASE email POP / Name / specify purpose of donation to jamesfernie@uthandosa.org

The Team of volunteers in Harfield Village spearheading this Harfield Village “Campaign of Goodness” is:

James Fernie HVA Chairperson
Sean McFarlane HVA Vice Chairperson
Alison Palthe HVA Treasurer
Terry Robinson HVA Secretary
Maggie Palthe
Delva Shamley
Leila Emdon
Anel Heymans
Reyana Hamdulay

Please message Leila Emdon on 072 055 92 76 if you need clothing, household goods, toiletries or food collected from your house.

Thank you! Our goal is to feed hundreds of families in Hanover Park during this crisis. It costs the HVA approximately R500 per pack. Help us reach our goal.

On behalf of the Harfield Village Association and the Harfield Village community, we express our deepest and most sincere gratitude and appreciation to every single person who has assisted the HVA with this campaign thus far.


James Fernie

Chairperson (Harfield Village Association)