Harfield Village Carnival

The Harfield Carnival is almost upon us and the Friends of Harfield Parks will have a stall,  please pop along and become a member (it’s free) if you are not one already, we will also be selling plants, Bokashi,  books and T-Shirts to raise funds for the parks.

A group of Friends got together last Sunday in Princes Park and did a sterling job of extending the Aloe bed under the thorn trees and with the newly installed irrigation (1st Phase)  we hope to see the plants thriving -  already the grass is making a comeback.  

Shaun is our Surrey Park Leader and in charge of turning the water on and off until we get the rest of the system in,  along with the automated timing device.    Thanks to all the people who came along to help and donated, plants, pavers, money and compost – not to mention our designer breakfast from Jenny.  The combination of indigenous trees and plants is already having a marked effect on the bird life and the trees are a hive of activity early morning and late afternoon.

Our next Work Party is in Surrey Park on the 12 April -11am and everyone is invited – bring your hats, spade and black bag and come out to meet the neighbors.  We will be removing grass from around the base of the bushes and trees, collection rubbish, weeding and planting in the herb spiral, the bird attracting bed and on the pavement. Lindsay of Fuel fame is the park leader for Surrey Park so you can expect something unusual to happen.

Huge excitement this week!!!! To see not 1 or 2 but 4 pieces of gym equipment being installed at Hampstead Park and a balancing bar coming for Princes.    BIG BIG Thank You to Cllr Matthew Kempthorne for an over and above allocation of his ward budget to get these items installed.   One step closer to our long term vision, of having a jogging track joining the parks and gym equipment in all of 4 of them. 

With Fuel’s Free Fitness classes in the park twice a week and a range of gym equipment, we can all get on the road to become trim, slim and healthy Harfielders.   All though I have to say with the range of awesome restaurants we have in Harfield, the slim part is quite difficult.

The FOHP would also like to say how much we appreciate this spot in the Lew’s newsletter so we can reach more of you with news and plans surrounding the parks.  Please drop in on our Facebook page with ideas and suggestions.