Giving Responsibly

To all of our loyal readers, we wish you a very happy and safe 2016!

This year may prove to be a challenging year for our economy, and as a result, pushing struggling families to the street.

Giving without a plan to help is Irresponsible, and sustains a life on the streets.
There are organizations all over Cape Town that will take your generosity and turn it into opportunities to teach life skills, and assist in Rehabilitation.

  1. Many of the items you put in your bin end up in our parks and greenbelts
  2. Rather recycle or freecycle, or take large items to a waste disposal facility
  3. Opportunistic criminals pose as the regular street people in your area, and use this opportunity to scout the houses
Here are a few organisations you can support, by giving responsibly:

1. U-Turn
By vouchers that can be given to the street person; which they can then redeem for food or clothes at the U-Turn facility near
Claremont Station. They also have rehabilitation facilities for those who want a life off the street.
Visit their website:

 2. TLC Projects
Educate, Equip, Rehabilitate

 3. Nutty Knitters
We knit winter woolies for underprivileged babies and distribute second hand clothing, towels, bedding, and non-perishable food
To the needy. You can also volunteer to knit!

Let us all give a little bit back this year, and embrace the social issue of homelessness in our country!