Puppy selling on our streets is a crime!

This article is not only informatory, but it is also an appeal to all residents to assist us with this issue, by using the guidelines below.

Driving home, I pass a seemingly homeless man holding a very small puppy in his arms. I immediately can see that the puppy looks dehydrated and sickly.

I stop my vehicle and the homeless man approaches me. ‘R200 to buy this dog’, he says. I whip out my purse and give him the money in order to rescue the puppy.


Firstly, it is important to know that these puppies are very often stolen/taken away from their mothers far too early. Most are 5 weeks or younger when they are sent to the streets to be sold. 
This is animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty is a crime is South Africa. Section 51 of 1977 of the Criminal Procedure Act dictates the sentencing.

Where do these puppies come from?

These puppies are very often stolen, or bred in the worst kinds of conditions.
When questioned; one homeless man admitted that his sister has many dogs and they breed them all the time to make money. The bitches are not given a period to rest between litters. Their injections are not up to date. They are malnourished and left outside in all weather conditions.

So regardless of whether or not the puppy was stolen or is bred for this activity, we need to form a united front BY NOT ENCOURAGING THIS BEHAVIOUR!

Here are a few ways how you can help:

1. Steal the puppy (if you are brave enough; please don’t put your personal safety at risk.)
* By stealing the puppy, the man does not get money, and therefore is discouraged from coming back into the area.

2. Call your security/armed response provider to facilitate the process
* i.e. Please assist with the puppy seller on the corner of Rosmead and Hampstead Road
* The response officer can confiscate the puppy, and give the man a stern warning

3. Put it on your neighbourhood Whatsapp Groups
* There is strength in numbers
* The man will now know that the whole community will NOT accept this behavior
What do you do with the stolen/confiscated puppy?

Most vets in the area, particularly The Cape Animal Medical Clinic on Rosmead Avenue (24 hours), are more willing to take the puppy in, to find a home for them, if they are stolen AND not paid for!

SAPS is on board with us and as law enforcement officers, we are all mandated to take care not only of people, but also of our little furry friends!

Note that there is also a telephone number for the Puppy Seller Police, who will send someone to confiscate the puppies. 
Their response times have been mostly excellent, but of course it depends on how busy they are, or where they are at the time of the call. 
Ideally the complainant should stay with the puppy seller until the Puppy Police arrive - I would recommend doing so without alerting them to the fact that the police are on the way - play with the pups, ask questions etc.

The numbers are: 021 - 761 5071, or 021 - 596 1999.

It’s also important (once the police or armed response are there) to take photographs of the puppy seller and their ID with your cell phone. And note, if at all possible, their cell phone number and address. This information is then passed onto the SPCA to help retrieve the breeding bitches etc.