HVCID - How can we help you?

Dear Residents


Please remember that our Manager, Jenni Coleman, is here to help you. Whether you have information about crime or concerns about suspicious behaviour, or are experiencing technical issues with your alarm or billing queries with ADT etc., please let Jenni know. She has direct contacts at ADT and relationships with other security role players in the area. Her contact details are 081 412 6109 or


Pepper spray can be very useful in a time of emergency. Through HVCID, ADT customers can now obtain a 100ml bottle, delivery included, for R136.80. It come with a cover as well.

Another useful tool is the ADT find u app, which is a smartphone app that can be tracked in the event of an emergency, and ADT or appropriate agency can respond (example mountain and fire rescue).  A small fee applies.

Please email jhanning.za@adt.co.za for any further information

  1. Always try to be aware of your surroundings, and always stride confidently.
  2. Avoid displaying your valuables PARTICULARLY YOUR CELLPHONE, cash, expensive jewelry and clothing – possessing valuables makes you an inviting target.
  3. Avoid walking or jogging anywhere very early in the morning or late at night when the streets are empty.  If you must walk at night, take a friend with you, or opt for a well-lit path.
  4. If you suspect that you are being followed, change directions or cross the street.  If you are still being followed, quickly head towards an open store, a restaurant or a house with the lights on.  Yell for help if you have to.
  5. Always have your keys ready in your hand as you approach your door.
  6. Avoid carrying more money than what you need each day.
  7. Never try to resist someone who is trying to rob you – you don’t want them to become violent.
  8. If someone robs or assaults you, report it to the police.  Try to give the police an accurate, detailed description of the attacker.

admin@hvcid.co.za            +27 (0)81 412 6109