In sale agreements of immovable property, it is general practice that the property seller has the right to nominate the attorney that will attend to the registration of transfer of ownership of the property. 

Why is this so, taking into account that it is the purchaser who pays the costs of the conveyancing attorney?

Sellers often take little interest in who are appointed as conveyancers because the purchaser pays the conveyancer’s fees. However, even though the Purchaser finances the transaction costs, the election to nominate the conveyancer rests with the seller so that the process can be driven by the party who has the least interest in delaying transfer.

A late transfer will cost a Seller money in lost interest and opportunity cost and, if transfer of the property sold was intended to occur simultaneously with property that the Seller has purchased, delays can also cause much anxiety and embarrassment.

Therefore, exercise your right to appoint a conveyancing attorney by entrusting the realization of the proceeds of your sale to a trusted name. After all, it is not everyday that one gets to choose something of value that someone else will pay for, especially professional services!

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