Wool Wrapped Candle Holders

Are you looking to create a warm atmosphere without the effort of a fire in winter? Or do you perhaps want to create a romantic setting for a quiet dinner with your special person? Candle light is a really amazing and easy way to achieve this and with this great candle holder DIY trick, you can turn a simple tea light candle into a beautiful attention grabbing centre piece.

Wool wrapped Candle Holders are beautiful, easy and offer the perfect flickering light required to make the room cosy.

There are only 5 requirements:
  • A glass Jar,
  • Wool,
  • Spray Paint (colour of your choice – be we will use white),
  • A tea light candle,
  • Newspaper.

How do you create this stunning centre piece?
Step 1: Wrap a piece of wool around the glass jar in any shape you want and secure it,
Step 2: Place the jar on a piece of newspaper,
Step 3: Spray paint over the jar until the jar is fully covered in paint,
Step 4: Wait for the paint to dry (see tin of paint for exact time – usually around 2 hours),
Step 5 : Repeat step 3 and 4,
Step 6: Remove wool from jar,
Step 7: Place candle in the jar,
Step 8: Light candle.

And….voila – your simple tea light candle is turned into a centre piece!

Along with a heater in a stormy night, your candle holder will create the perfect flicker and mood.

This is a very basic version of a Wool wrapped Candle Holder; should you be creative there are so many different ways of spicing up your jar.

  • ·       When the paint is still wet – you can roll the jar into a bowl of glitter or sand to add a different texture and dimension to your jar and is great for getting the kids involved as a weekend project.

  • ·      Rather than use only one colour – you can use a few colours to paint the jar, white, silver and gold complement each other and are very ‘in’ colours.

  • ·         You could leave the wool on the jar to create an additional 3 dimensional element.

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