Best Health Advice We Could Give

Best Health Advice We Could Give
By The Chiropractic Health Centre

If we could only give three pieces of health advice, what would they be?

This question is a basic variation of the ‘elevator pitch’: if you only had 30 seconds to convince someone to invest in your business, what would you say? Because I tend to have dozens of random bits floating around in my head at any one time, it’s a bit of a personal challenge to accumulate my thoughts into cotton candy blobs of truth.

But how to decide what would have the biggest impact?

Well, first we looked at the most common diseases (heart disease, back pain, common cold, headaches, depression, cancer) and looked at the common risk factors. From there, we looked at these risk factors and chose the ones we can actually change i.e. diet - yes :), age - not so much :(. And lastly, I decided on the health changes that would have the greatest possible impact on these modifiable risks - where we can find the most ‘bang for your buck’. The most ‘bam for your lamb’. The most ‘kablooie for your..’ ok we’ll stop now.

And the results are in! (drumroll, please…)

1. DON’T SMOKE. Smoking is the single largest modifiable risk factor for early death. People who start smoking in early adulthood will be 2-3 times more likely to die in middle age and live 10-20 years less than non-smokers. This is not to mention QUALITY of life - smokers suffer more headaches, back pain, colds, depression, etc. And stopping smoking helps: “Those who have smoked cigarettes since early adulthood but stop at 30, 40, or 50 years of age gain about 10, 9, and 6 years of life expectancy, respectively, as compared with those who continue smoking.” So, don’t smoke & you’ll live longer and better.

2. EAT MORE VEGETABLES. The biggest issues with our (Western) diets are the high calories/pro-inflammatory molecules (e.g. trans-fats) coupled with low micronutrients/fibre - all due to industrially processing every morsel before it hits our lips. This contributes to heart disease, cancer, obesity, kidney disease, dementia and diabetes but also plays a role in chronic pain, mood disorders, frequent colds & flu, etc. But how can we affect such a complex array of problems in our diets? We say: more vegetables! Upping the veggies in your diet will increase vitamin/mineral/fibre intake, reduce overall calories (fill up on low-cal veggies to reduce overeating), and provide ample antioxidants to reduce excessive inflammation (which may extend your life).

3. DAILY YOGA. Human beings are dynamic creatures. The sedentary nature of our desk-job culture is linked to a whole host of chronic diseases as well as back pain, headaches, etc, etc. This is why we exercise - every single system in your body benefits from regular exercise. So why yoga? Yoga helps protect against heart disease, depression, lower back pain and even helps mitigate the symptoms of asthma. Yoga provides similar health benefits as aerobic exercise but also improves mood & sleep. It trains your muscles, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular sytem all while maintaining a low injury rate. So… YOGA!

So, there you have it: safeguard your health with these 3 keys. Or it’s at least a good start.
BONUS TIP: Calorie restriction - but that is a complicated subject that deserves its own post. Coming soon!

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