Upcycling Clothing is the new Trendy word for Creative Alterations!

I found this interesting site under “Upcycle Clothing / Etsy” & I recommend you have a browse here.

This is where I started my research on this interesting subject, till I went cross eyed as I edited thought 18 pages till my right hand was numb with copying appealing photos & my own Design Talent was saturated with wonderful fragments of ideas that could be expanded upon.

This site sells remade clothing some of it with dismal bad taste & some of it fabulously inspiring!

My ideas of cause is let’s do it ourselves with me, some basic sewing skill & a sewing machine.

It’s the new word of Wearable Art which has existed for a long time in various forms.  Gypsies did it, Dancers do it, Stage work requires it & Hippies did it & still do it!

I have been remaking clothing in my sewing classes for about the last 6 months without knowing that I had somehow felt the trend & began to experiment with my Intermediate Pupils with wonderful wearable results that were so exciting.

Now I feel I can really experiment more with the creative aspect with some of them as well as the practical ones.

It’s a new word of Wearable Art which has existed for a long time in various forms.  Gypsies did it, Dancers do it, Stage work requires it & Hippies did it & do it!


I must admit that I forgot clothing could potentially be so much fun & we could experiment with the concept in milder ways by embellishing one’s Dressing up Wardrobe. Perhaps you could work on an outfit for a Party or a Night on the Town for the less daring & everyday wear for the Artists & more adventurous amongst us. This is also idea with the Festive Season coming up. I so wish we still dressed up! What about a Fancy Dress Party with a Theme!

I heard there is a Bar in Cape Town that is like a Saloon in the Cowboy Days with a swing doors… so that you can make quite an entrance & perhaps if you misbehave ~ quite an exit! This would make a wonderful outing with a group of friends.

I have often wondered why I keep clothes I no longer wear or can wear & now I understand that it is more for the particular look that I want to duplicate or expand on the idea it represents.

I have the serious side of my work but this is like it started long ago for me ~ it is Transformation & a form of play with Image Making.

Upcycling is a new branch of my work now. The serious side of my work is I offer my Specialty which is Dressmaking & is a proper education on making clothing from commercial patterns.

I love Home D├ęcor so I have just designed a Mini Course for Absolute Beginners doing items for the home ~ the terminology is Soft Furnishings. I call it “Feathering your Nest” & we do Tablecloths with mitred corners for any size or shape of table with contrasting or matching Napkins, Place Mats, Cushion Covers, Cushions any size or shape, Curtains or Pillowcases & Bedding.

I am also open to your suggestions so if you have a sewing machine in the cupboard or you intend to buy one with aspirations of practical & creative sewing come to Fine Feathers Sewing School.

I’m a local here in Harfield Village, a creative gypsy spirit who found her place to put down deep roots & where I work from my Studio.

I look forward to introducing you to a practical & creative skill at any level with many options.

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