Small pets = regret purchase!

We receive calls daily at Animal Rescue Organisation from people who are trying to get rid of their small pets. 

Their kids begged them for a small pet which they go off and buy at a pet shop. 3 months later, the kids are bored and Mom no longer wants to clean and feed yet another dependent. 

Pet shops sell them at a cheap price and make money on the accessories. Pet shops also promise to give you two of the same sex but many customers end up with babies a few months later. A visit to the vet, or to sterilise them, also costs just as much as a visit with your cat. 

We appeal to the public to please consider carefully before purchasing a small pet. Small pets take up just as much time as dogs and cats and are not a quick fix when it comes to getting the kids a pet. 

Anmal Rescue Organisation currently has gorgeous friendly bunnies up for adoption, as well as guinea pigs, so if you are keen to get a small pet then please consider rescuing some unwanted discarded little furries that we have in our care. 

Adoption rules and costs apply. 

Please contact Karen on 021 3965511 or email