Taking your pet to the vet can be stressful – for you, your pet and your vet!

So here are a few tips for an easier visit to your favourite vet!

Bring your cat in a carrier!

  • If your cat hates going into a cat box try taking the cat carrier out the day before or leave it out so your cat is familiar with it, put in a favourite blanket or toy to make it comfortable and inviting. Or try spraying calming products such as Feliway in or around the box.
  • Make sure you have a cat carrier or other carrier that is secure and won't fall apart when you pick it up!
  • Keep the carrier cover with a blanket and strap it into the car with the seat belt so that the cat isn't thrown around on the journey to the vet.
Bring your dog in on a lead

  • Your dog may be very well behaved and obedient but we really need you to have your dog on a lead in our waiting room.
  • Keep your dog under control  particularly if there are other patients waiting
Make an appointment 

  • Unless it's a real emergency, walk in appointments not only add stress to the veterinarian and staff on duty but is disrespectful to those clients who have scheduled their visit

Try to be on time 

  • If you are going to be late for an appointment try to call us and let us know so that we can reschedule.


  • Don't answer your cell phone in the consulting room!

Don't be aggressive with our staff
  • We understand that having a sick pet is traumatic and many pet owners feel guilt or anger that their pet is seriously ill. 
  • Please remember that our staff are experienced and there to help. 
  • We all want the same outcome -  a healthy pet!
Tell your vet everything you know
  • If your pet has been vomiting for 1 day or 6 days, if you have been giving medication at home, if you fed a whole lot of bones - tell your vet. 
  • We need to know what is really going on with your pet to make a good diagnosis.
Don't be afraid to talk money 
  • We know you want the best for you pet and so do we. We also understand that disasters can happen at tough times when you are least prepared financially. 
  • Don't tell your vet to do 'everything he can' to save your pet then throw your hands up in the air when you get the bill! 
  • Discuss the cost of various treatments regimes and possible payment plans with your vet. 
  • That way everyone is on the same page and you can get the best treatment for your pet.
Build a positive relationship - Trust your vet!